First Session

Our story begins in Yevru Village, where Russ, River, Kale, and Sakari were visiting, all for different purposes. River, who sought adventure, talked to people in a tavern, unaware that she was being watched by Russ, who sought to find and eliminate evil. River’s inquisitive and mischievous nature found herself the target of a female entertainer’s ire, and were it not for the entertainer’s poor combat skills, she would have also been involved in a bar brawl.

Meanwhile, Sakari, seeking improvement of his healing skills, sat down next to the fountain with his goat familiar. His eyes soon came across Kale and his companion Oak, and he struck up a conversation with the moss covered half-elf. The two decided to visit the local oracle to see if they could find answers to the questions that plagued their minds. Arriving at the oracle’s house, they were greeted by her assistant, who told them that Mistress Kei would see them when she was done with her current customer. After a few moments, he left, and Sakari graciously let Kale see Kei first. Kale, who was seeking an explanation of what he was, did not receive a satisfying answer, but Kei claimed to see great potential in him, and said that she would be in touch if she ever had need of his aid. Sakari went in next, and was given a similar reading, though she answered his question of whether his healing skills would improve by claiming that he needed to keep traveling if he wanted them to improve; he would gain nothing by staying in Yevru Village.

As the two left the oracle’s house, they discussed what she had said, until they were interrupted by cries for help, originating from just outside the tavern where Russ and River were. The witch-hunter and gnome heard these cries as well, and all arrived to find a bloodied man claiming that three dragons had come out of the river and attacked, killing his friends and wounding him. The four heroes, along with a group of townspeople and guards, ran towards the river, where they encountered two of the “dragons”, which were merely river drakes. Unfortunately, the drakes managed to kill a town guard and two citizens before succumbing to the might of the party. As the battle ended and Sakari healed the wounded, Kale came to the realization that there was still a drake that they had not killed. The party headed back towards Yevru Village, hoping that the missing drake was there.


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