Gorum is a warrior god worshiped primarily by a group in the Sanguine Wastes known as the Sisterhood of Gorum. This group, composed solely of women of various races wearing spiked armor, believes that battle is the only way to truly understand the world. There are others who worship Gorum, but none are as devoted as the Sisterhood. After each battle, a worshiper of Gorum offers prayers to him.

Gorum is depicted as a mighty warrior clad in spiked armor and wielding a greatsword. His features are never really shown, though some artists depict him as being the same race as they are.

A poem, supposedly written by the founder of the Sisterhood, goes as follows: “The clash of sword on shield is my song, I am in your armor, your blade. Strike at your foes and I guide your hand, For I thirst only for battle.”

For a worshiper of Gorum, the worst fate that can befell them is to die a natural death. Death in battle is the only worthy end for them.


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