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The Kingdom of Katur

Katur is a kingdom located on the western coast of Kalmar. It is a fairly isolated kingdom, with the Peram Ocean on its western border, the wild territory of the northern barbarian tribes over the Daleth Mountains on its northern border, the dangerous Sanguine Wastes on its eastern border, and only the small kingdom of Calatis on its southern border.

The capital city of Katur, where the king’s palace is located, is known as Plenor City. The current ruler is King Vaeryn IV, the second eldest son of the previous ruler, King Vaeryn III.

Besides Plenor City, there are 12 other cities and villages in Katur:

Other locations of interest in Katur include:


Katur is populated by a variety of races. Some are more common than others, and therefore have more presence and political power than other races:

As half-breed races, these races are quite common, though due to discrimination, they don’t have as much political power, and some are actually mistreated in places due to their parentage:

There are very few members of these races in Katur, but they are relatively plentiful elsewhere in the world:

There are only a dozen or so members of these races in Katur, and they are similarly rare in the rest of the world. Some people treat them as lesser creatures because of their mixed ancestry, but fear and worship are also fairly common reactions to them:


Religion is not considered to be important to many citizens of Katur, but worship of these deities does occur in Katur and the nations it interacts with:

Other Information

The following links provide information that may prove useful when creating a character, including a summary of how common classes are, how they are treated by people, and how they commonly make a living, as well as a list of homebrewed feats. The third link provides a summary of the months in this world, as they are different from our own:

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